Aren’t Americans entitled to one fair trial before being put to death?

In 1988, Bill Kuenzel was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. His trial?

• The prosecutor hid key evidence that goes to the heart of Bill’s innocence until 2010, 22 years after the trial.

• No jury ever saw or heard that evidence.

• Bill’s court-appointed lawyer never conducted any meaningful investigation.

• The prosecution’s case rests solely upon the blame-shifting testimony of the very man who admitted participating in the crime... and whose actual role must be questioned.

But because of a procedural technicality, Bill has never been able to have his appeal heard in the courts.

People around the world – including prominent former prosecutors Robert Morgenthau, Gil Garcetti and Mike McCann – support Bill’s innocence and calls for due process.

Shouldn’t Bill have one fair, constitutional trial?

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Sam Waterston, who played Assistant DA
Jack McCoy on the
long-running NBC series "Law and Order," hosted this short video to tell the story of Bill’s case.